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June 2014: Tourism Education Futures Initiative (Canada)


TEFI Dianne Dredge

TEFI Conference (Photo by Dianne Dredge)

In keeping with TEFI’s (Tourism Education Futures Institute) mission to push boundaries, to think creatively and to inform and support tourism educators and students to transform the world for the better, in 2014 our theme is “Transformational Learning: Activism, empowerment and political agency in tourism education”.

This theme focuses on the capacities of educators, students and higher education institutions to be the change we want to see in the world. Tourism has an enormous capacity to create a better world by tackling issues that matter, such as social justice, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. This conference aims to harness the power of transformational learning to tackle these big issues and to tap into our own political agency as educators, students, and higher education institutions to effect positive change.