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Who can Join the WINTA Global Network?

WINTA welcomes all organisations and individuals who support the objects of WINTA to join the WINTA Global Network.

What are the Objects of the Global Network?

The objects of the WINTA Global Network are to:

  • Facilitate Sharing of Information and Understanding – About the social, environmental and economic

opportunities and issues able to be addressed through the development of Indigenous tourism globally;

  • Facilitate Engagement Opportunities – For all interested peoples to collectively discuss and leverage

Indigenous values and beliefs in order to foster sustainable social, environmental and economic
outcomes for all peoples through the development of Indigenous tourism globally.

Will it Cost Me to Belong to the Global Network?

WINTA operates according to universal Indigenous values which are based on reciprocity.
These values are principles which have spiritual origins that are concerned with the maintenance of mutually
beneficial or symbiotic relationships between people and people and between people and environment.
As such, participation in the WINTA Network is based on reciprocity and there is no set fee to belong to the
Network. Instead, each year when the time is right for you, you may gift/give what you can to the Network.
For its part WINTA will reciprocate by sharing information and providing international networking
opportunities to address social, environmental and economic opportunities and issues through the
development of Indigenous tourism globally.

How Do I Join the Global Network?

Applications to join the Network may be made by completing the enclosed Network Application Form.
In the event that you wish to receive information about making a donation to the WINTA Network then tick
the donation box on the application form and WINTA Secretariat will email you that information.
WINTA does understand and respects that you have may other relationships which require that WINTA
provide you with a receipt to acknowledge the donation that you have provided.

Who Can I Get More Information From?

If you need more information about the WINTA Global Network see or forward your specific
inquiry to the WINTA Secretariat at

Can I Join the WINTA Global Network Now?

Yes, please complete the enclosed Network Application Form and email to the WINTA Secretariat at