Robert, a Nhanda Yamaji man from Western Australia, has worked for the past seven years as Chief Executive Officer for WAITOC (Western Australian Indigenous Tourism Operators Council).


Robert became CEO of WAITOC in 2015. In this time, he has successfully delivered the Aboriginal Tourism Development Program and growing 39 new Aboriginal businesses across Western Australia.  These businesses have created 104 full-time equivalent jobs for urban, regional and remote communities.


He has increased funding to enhance member business outcomes by over 300 % and has the drive to create opportunities for Aboriginal people at a state, national and international level. Robert has successfully worked with both national and state governments, not for profit and philanthropists; highlighting the importance of Aboriginal tourism and its value to Australia and Aboriginal communities.


He has been a leading voice to the government, successfully advocating for 40 million dollars invested into Aboriginal Tourism Nationwide from this work.  He has worked with the State Government of Western Australia to help develop the Just released JINA plan, a $20 million dollar investment into Aboriginal Tourism for the state. Robert continues to create new partnerships with prospective stakeholders to improve Cultural understanding, respect, and positive social outcomes for the Australian Aboriginal People and create a strong diversified to sustainable organisation model.


Robert has a strategic mind offering businesses and organisations a fresh way of analysis from both an operational and high-end tactical perspective.  He can differentiate between key opportunities and create embedded processes to ensure outcomes are reached on time and budget.