Bringing Indigenous Wisdom, Values and Experiences to the World


The purpose of WINTA is to provide a forum for Indigenous peoples seeking to draw on and share their traditional experiences and universal Indigenous values, to address the need for balance and harmony both between different peoples and between people and environment.


Facilitates – The sharing of information and understanding between Indigenous peoples on the social, environmental and economic opportunities and issues arising from tourism developments globally;


Advocates – In support of Indigenous peoples wishing to develop responses to issues and opportunities arising from existing and proposed tourism developments and trends of global interest;

Networks – To enable Indigenous tourism leaders to participate in and contribute to international tourism forums.


A strong network and collaboration are critical components to improved destination development, informed policy creation and community empowerment. WINTA works to promote networking and cooperation between post-secondary institutions, destinations and governing bodies to enhance and expand Indigenous tourism opportunities.


The World Indigenous Tourism Alliance (WINTA) was founded to create and support an international network of indigenous individuals and groups dedicated to tourism development. WINTA is committed to cooperatively developing and implementing strategies for the advancement of indigenous tourism. The organization works within the tourism industry in ways that promote partnerships and heightened respect for indigenous wisdom, values and knowledge.

The creation of WINTA is the result of years of discussions by Indigenous and non-Indigenous tourism leaders who share the same belief that a tourism industry based on universal Indigenous values provides the opportunity for improved global social, environmental and economic outcomes, not just for Indigenous peoples, but for all peoples.

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